A who's who of the parish

Rector of the United Benefice  The Reverend Canon Doctor Andrew Mayes TSSF Tel: 01323 892964

Please contact Fr. Andrew with enquiries relating to Baptism, Confirmation, Marriage and Funerals and requests for him to visit you. Requests for communion for people in their own homes and those for people who are in residential homes should also be addressed to him.

Honorary Assistant Priests The Reverend Ian Phelps Tel: 01323 899511
The Reverend Eric Pollard Tel: 01323 492312 The Reverend Chris Collinson

Reader  Kay Blackburn Tel: 01323 893172

Churchwardens Nick Linsell Tel: 01323 896314

    & Ann Lloyd-James Tel: 01323 890598

Among their other duties, the Churchwardens have responsibility for the Church buildings.

Churchwarden Emeritus  Valerie Skues Tel: 01323 897804 Email:  valerieskues@talktalk.net

Coordinator of the Parents & Toddlers group

Ann Mayes Tel: 01323 892964

PCC Secretary Geraldine Hedgecock Email: pccstpeters@gmail.com

PCC Treasurer Anne Coals Tel:01323 896804

Senior Sacristan and leader of the Cursillo, Julian Meeting and Study Groups

Aileen Murray Tel: 01323 896436

Organist & Choirmaster    Coryn Roberts   Tel: 

Mothers Union Chairperson Marilyn Haydon Tel: 01323 898314

Hall Bookings Secretary Jacqueline Head Tel: 07766 900909

Planned Giving Coordinator Elizabeth Pay Tel: 01323 894799

Safeguarding Coordinator Geraldine Hedgecock Email: Geraldine.hedgecock@gmail.com

Social Events Coordinator Nick Linsell Tel: 01323 896314

Blatchington Lectures Shirley Linsell  Tel: 01323 891910

Editor of Cross Keys, our Parish Magazine

Christine Cooke Email: christinecooke.xks@gmail.com 

The membership of the Parochial Church Council from April 2017, for the following year, is:

Father. Andrew Mayes, Nick Linsell, Ann Lloyd-James, Anne Coals, Debbie Phipps, Kay Blackburn, Daphne Dempster,, Susan Drader, Tina Bacon, Marilyn Haydon, Geraldine Hedgecock, Moira Macmillan, Jill Morgan, 

Website Coordinator Phil Sutters Email:

Please send emails relating to Saint Peter's to pccstpeters@gmail.com and letters to The Rectory, 86 Belgrave Road, Seaford, BN25 2HE.
Please send correspondence relating to Saint Andrew's to Hilary Norsworthy, Churchwarden, 8 Hawth Hill, Bishopstone, Seaford ,  BN25 2RL 
 Correspondence relating to the United Benefice should also be sent to Saint Peter's Rectory

The area telephone code for all the numbers shown in this site is 01323, unless stated otherwise.

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