Getting involved - becoming part of the family

In a community that is as active, dedicated and outward-looking as Saint Peter’s, there are always opportunities to get involved. Church life includes many mundane tasks in and around the church, as well as those that are at the centre of its devotions. Its social, outreach and fund-raising events are all only made possible by the goodwill, skills and time of parishioners.

Whether you have a lot of time or a little; whether you can offer special skills or just a willingness to be helpful; everything that you can give will be valued.

The list below may seem quite lengthy, but there are many other ways that you can contribute to the parish’s ambitious plans to serve its community spiritually, socially and practically.

Some of the roles listed may necessitate volunteers having Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checks carried out before becoming involved with the activities. Where this applies you would be advised of this when you inquire.

Serving at the altar - We have a small group of servers who would welcome some new colleagues. Whether you are experienced or new to the role, you would be enabled to start at your own pace, with friendly support from some very experienced servers. If you would like to find out more please speak to George Rix, who leads our group of servers.

Reading & intercessions

– Reading the verses from the Old and New Testaments at church services requires careful preparation and a clear speaking voice. If you think you have the appropriate attributes and would like to minister in this way, please talk to George Rix, who coordinates this ministry.

Pastoral Team - Formally commissioned on Mothering Sunday 2013 ,our Pastoral team is there to help support people in the parish in a variety of ways. Please see the team's page for more details.

Choir -  We have a gifted and hard-working choir, whose members make a major contribution to the Parish Mass and other Festival services. New voices are always welcome. 

Church cleaning

Our band of volunteer cleaners do a great job, but they are a dwindling band in desperate need of extra volunteers and would really appreciate your help for less than an hour, one Monday a month at 9.30. Extra help is often needed before major festivals. Please let the Churchwardens know if you can help.

Sidesperson - Sidespeople are often the first people that you meet when you come to a service in church. They are there to make you welcome, make sure you have the service sheets and books you need, help you find a seat, if you need that, and generally ensure that you know where everything is. Formally, sidespeople are elected at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting, but willing volunteers can be accepted at any time, in practice. Please speak to one of the Churchwardens if you would like to try out this role.

Catering - Coffee and tea are served after the 9.30 on Sundays. It is rare for a social or fund-raising event not to require refreshments. Help on a regular or occasional basis is welcome.

Social events - Saint Peter’s has a busy social calendar, especially if one includes fund-raising events.  Preparing the Chapel Rooms, welcoming visitors, clearing up at the end are all jobs that are managed more easily if there is plenty of help. Different events give different opportunities to get involved. Please look out for requests for help as events approach.

Christian Aid – During Christian Aid Week Saint Peter’s tries to ensure that envelopes for donations are delivered to every street in the parish, so a large number of volunteers is needed to deliver and collect them. Hazel Trenfield will be very pleased to hear from you if you can offer to cover a street or two.

Cross Keys

– Our parish magazine is edited by Christine Cooke. She is always on the lookout for topical material, reminiscences, reports on events and activities and photographs that record parish life.

Lifts – Just getting to church can be a challenge, especially as our local bus does not run on Sundays! If you drive to church and could pick someone up on the way, please let the Churchwardens know.

Sound and lighting

 - The technical team operate the controls for the microphones, hearing-aid loop and lighting, aiming for a welcoming visual ambience and a consistent sound level so that everyone in church - including the statistical one-in-seven with a hearing problem - can fully participate in the service. If you are interested in being involved, please speak to Alan Yates. 

Website -

The website aims to create as full a picture of the two parishes' life as possible and to reach beyond the parishes to inform local residents and visitors to the area of our services, social and fundraising events. Suggestions for improvements are always welcome, as are updates and corrections when these are necessary. 

The Parish of East Blatchington is a Registered Charity - Registered Charity Number 1173506

Please send emails relating to Saint Peter's to and letters to The Rectory, 86 Belgrave Road, Seaford, BN25 2HE.
Please send correspondence relating to Saint Andrew's to Hilary Norsworthy, Churchwarden, 8 Hawth Hill, Bishopstone, Seaford ,  BN25 2RL 
 Correspondence relating to the United Benefice should also be sent to Saint Peter's Rectory

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